Community Partners

Mondo Bizarro Arts Production
916 Second Street Apt B
New Orleans, LA 70130
CONTACT: Nick Slie (225) 571-2929

ArtSpot Productions
New Orleans, LA
CONTACT: Kathy Randels (504) 813 8430

Xavier University Deaprtment of Communication
1 Drexel Drive
New Orleans, LA 70125
CONTACT: Dr. Ross Louis (504) 520-5103

Nunez Community College Audio-Visual Archive
3710 Paris Road
Chalmette, LA
CONTACT: Ron Chapman (504) 491-4346

Center for Digital Storytelling
1803 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley CA 94709 USA
CONTACT: Joe Lambert (510)-548-2065

This project is supported in part by Alternate ROOTS.

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The I-10 Witness continues to interview New Orleans residents about their storm related experiences. In conjunction with Xavier University's Department of Communications, we recently completed several rounds of interviews at St. Dominic's Church in Lakeview, Mary Queen of Vietnam Church in New Orleans East and the Uptown Shepard's Center. This week we will also continue to collect stories in Gert Town. Last month, we we're proud to collaborate with Mourning Line Productions and the 78th Street Theater in Manhattan, NY for our first public installation of these narratives. The show was seen by several New Yorkers who continue to visit our website. It is our hope that these types of events can keep this story alive in the hearts and minds of people throughout this country. As always, if you or anyone you know is interested in recording their story or helping to gather stories please contact us through the site as we would be happy to meet with you at your convenience.