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The Poydras Home

Name: Emma W. Denman
Age: 86
Home: New Orleans
Occupation: Retired

“My brother didn't know, he thought I went with my neice who evacuated to Texas, and so he had me on four missing persons lists trying to locate me and for about a week he didn't know where I was.“

Name: Alta Pierce
Age: 95
Home: New Orleans
Occupation: Retired

“When I was walking down little groups would pass and say, 'You need help?' And they'd take me by my arm and help me. It's surprising how you find out what people really are.“

Name: Jay Danna
Age: 83
Home: New Orleans
Occupation: Retired

“But I don't think that [Bush] has pushed or prodded the people enough to get going down here...Why doesn't Bush say, 'OK Alabama, c'mon. Georgia, you all send in that many people. Get down there and get all that electricity back on. Get that city started again.' But they don't do it.“

Name: Mabel Palmer
Age: 85
Home: New Orleans
Occupation: Retired

“I said I will stay if I see the levees built back. If they don't build the levees back then I'll probably evacuate and move somewhere else.“

Name: Catherine Greer
Age: 33
Home: New Orleans
Occupation: Housekeeping

“Now that they're paying us a little more they're taking it back from us anyway. Rent: $1,200. One man told me $2,300 - a month. How can I afford that? I can't. “

Name: Robin Abram
Age: 40
Home: New Orleans
Occupation: Housekeeping

“They said someone was gonna come out and rescue us...Wound up no one came. We wind up sleeping on the interstate for four days.“

Name: Sharon King
Age: N/A
Home: New Orleans
Occupation: Director of Housekeeping

“I was just stuck in this one room with about maybe 22 kids. And I think I did that for like 300 something hours.“

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The I-10 Witness continues to interview New Orleans residents about their storm related experiences. In conjunction with Xavier University's Department of Communications, we recently completed several rounds of interviews at St. Dominic's Church in Lakeview, Mary Queen of Vietnam Church in New Orleans East and the Uptown Shepard's Center. This week we will also continue to collect stories in Gert Town. Last month, we we're proud to collaborate with Mourning Line Productions and the 78th Street Theater in Manhattan, NY for our first public installation of these narratives. The show was seen by several New Yorkers who continue to visit our website. It is our hope that these types of events can keep this story alive in the hearts and minds of people throughout this country. As always, if you or anyone you know is interested in recording their story or helping to gather stories please contact us through the site as we would be happy to meet with you at your convenience.